Attention Staunton Makerspace Members

The Makerspace will be giving everyone with an active keyfob – that’s active members and such – a Google Workspace based account.

Over the coming days and weeks a few things will be happening. Please read the whole email before you contact any of the contacts! Really. No, seriously.

What Do I Have To Do?

Nothing right now. This message is intended as heads up.

You’ll get an email in a while from Google with account info. You may opt to take action right away if you feel like you can manage this on your own or you can do nothing for the time being. Once we’re ready the migration team will get in touch with each member and help with migration Slack, filling in missing database info, as well as address any user specific questions/problems.


The first is that your Google Workspace account will be created for you. It will have a email address and username for you. This Google Workspace account will be both your future method for signing into Slack, the Wiki, and other resources as well as our database of active members.

Once your Google Workspace account is created you’ll receive an email directly from Google with login and account details. Please use this to change your password – yes, you must – and login. It’s a really good idea to enable 2fa.

When you’re logged into Google using your workspace account you can link your Slack account to the Google Workspace account. Please note that this is required. Once most users have had a chance to move their accounts we’ll be turning off all Slack accounts not using Google Workspace for authentication.

Over time we’ll be enabling other services (wiki, website, etc) so that they all let you login simply by clicking the “Sign in With Google” button.

Why We’re Doing This

  • Create an accurate, up to date database of members
  • Enable Single Sign On for all services – One account, one password to get you into all Makerspace services
  • Ensure new users gain access to all required systems without the current level of work required
  • Ensure deactivated users can no longer access services without the current level of work required
  • It’s a prerequisite for pretty much every badge/phone/etc based tool/area authentication

Can I Opt Out

No, all users will get an account. You don’t have to use it if you don’t want to get into Slack or other online resources. But everyone gets an account. Since it’s also the member database, everyone ends up in it. 


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