Google Workspace Migration Instructions


You’ll receive an email from with your Google Workspace username, a one time use URL to retrieve your initial credentials, and the email address you’ll use to unlock the single use URL.

Open the URL. It’ll show a page like the one to the left. Enter your personal email address that’s listed for unlocking the URL. Once your email is typed in, press the “Send Code” button. Keep this browser tab open.

Check your email! You should have a message like the one to the left. Grab the six digit number and go back to the credentials page.

Put the six digit code from the 1password email into the text box. Then press “View Item”.

You’ll reach a page with your initial credentials. This can only be viewed once. Do NOT close this page until you have changed your password.

Hover over the right side of the password field with your mouse. A down arrow will appear while hovering along with a “Copy” button.

You can use the “Copy” button to copy/paste the password elsewhere and/or click the down arrow, then click “Reveal”, and then you’ll be able to see the initial password.

You’ll want to keep this page open until you’ve changed your password. You can also copy/paste the “username” and “password” to a local document; the password will only be used once.

Next up, go to

If you’re not already logged in you’ll see a big blue “Sign In” button in the upper right corner. Click it.

If you’re already logged in, click the button with your current login in the upper right corner of the page. A menu like on the left will be shown. Click “Add another account”.

Enter your Makerspace username. It is in both the email you initially received listed as “Google Workspace Username” and also in the “username” field in the 1password credentials page.

Click “Next”.

Enter the password from the 1password credentials page. The “show password” checkbox can be used if you need to aid in entering or validating the entry.

Click “Next”.

You’ll be prompted to set a new password for your Google Makerspace Account. Use a solid password. If you’re worried about losing the password, try a password manager like 1Password or, worst case, write it on paper. Never record it electronically outside of specialized software like 1Password.

Click “Change password”

Congrats! You’ve logged into your Google Makerspace Account. Feel free to check out the cool features like email, drive, and other components.

Problems? Need Help?

  • Contact
  • Join the Slack channel #proj-migration and ask
  • Do NOT directly contact individuals with problems, questions, etc.

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