Google Workspace Slack Migration


The migration will enable Single Sign On across all of the Staunton Makerspace’s websites. It will also make provisioning and deactivating users easier. Longer term benefits include using the included member database for functions like per tool badge support.


Email: SSO Binding from Slack

You’ll receive an email from Slack with the subject “[Slack] Please authenticate your account”.

Click the green “Authenticate Account” button.

Click the dark green “Authenticate with Google” button.

If you’re already logged into your Staunton Makerspace Google Workspace account, you’ll see a menu asking you to select your username/account. If your username/account isn’t listed, click “Use another account”.

If you’re not already logged into a Google Account, you’ll see this. Enter your Google Workspace login for the Makerspace from The Migration Instructions.

Click the “Continue” button

Done! You’ll now be able to login to Slack on any device using your Makerspace Google Workspace account.

Problems? Need Help?

  • Contact
  • Join the Slack channel #proj-migration and ask
  • Do NOT directly contact individuals with problems, questions, etc.

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