Who We Are & What We Do
We are a Makerspace, also known as Hackerspace. We are a beautiful garage filled with all the best toys for building and making extraordinary things. We are the quiet sanctity of a beloved grandfather’s workshop. We are the warmth and opportunity of a grandmother’s workroom. We believe in the promise of new adventures. We believe in a safe place to dream.

Our Mission is to support and promote the creativity of artists, engineers, and hobbyists and join them in their efforts to turn dreams into the tangible material that can shape lives and enable livelihoods.

To be the scene of a million safe failures, and in so doing, be the birthplace of future industry, science, and fortune. It is our ambition to be the first part of many grand success stories that inspire people to not only dream, but to make and build and strive for all that may come of a life well lived

Respect – for each other, our mission, and our equipment
Community – Being excellent neighbors
Ownership – we all take responsibility for the quality and safely of the makerspace
Creativity – offering ourselves the opportunity to dream
Discipline – it is the fine art that turns dreams into realities.